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Amethyst Pencil Pendant

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Stone - Amethyst, Shape - Pencil, AA Quality

This Amethyst Pencil Pendant has been perfectly crafted from AA quality amethyst crystal which has been hand picked to keep up with our high quality standards. This attractive looking Amethyst Pencil Pendant is a perfect example of exemplary and dedicated craftsmanship. Our quality restrainers strictly supervise the entire production process, right from the time of obtaining of raw material till the ultimate delivery of the product at the clients’ end.  

Metaphysical properties

This Amethyst Pencil Pendant activates the crown chakra and is good for spirituality. uplifts ones mood and makes a person happy. This Amethyst Pencil Pendant also helps  banish fears and insecurities. This Amethyst Pencil Pendant enhances faith and reliance. This Amethyst Pencil Pendant helps in building a positive aura. 

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