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Pranic Healing Prooducts like Meditatation Mats, Wallet, Shawls and more

Exclusive products used in Pranic healing like Meditation mats, Wallet, Shawls, Pendants and more. Prana Crystals is a store where one will find all Pranic healing products under one roof. Great care has been taken to maintain the quality of the products. believes more in quality and satisfaction of our Pranic healing community. Our Pranic healing products mainly the Crystal healing wands, Gold wands, Diamond extractors, Disingtegrators are purchased worldwide and delivered at doorstep. Our aim is to give the best Pranic healing products to the pranic healers at an affordable price so that every Pranic healer gets an opportunity to heal the Mankind, the way taught by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui


Meditation Golden Mat

0.0 out of 5
Available in stock / Availability: 6 left /
SKU: #PP-2

Size is approx 42 Cms x 42 Cms.



Shipping: $6.00

Kriya Shakti Mat

4.0 out of 5
Available in stock / Availability: 10 left /
SKU: #MM-001

Size: 50 Cm x 50 Cm. Specially designed from Red Color Pure silk cloth to activate the basic chakra



Shipping: $6.00

Rose Quartz Activator

0.0 out of 5
Available in stock / Availability: 3 left / 10 Business Working Days
SKU: #RQ-001

Rose quartz ball/sphere approximate weight between 150 to 175 grams



Shipping: $5.00

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