Prana Crystals

Handcrafted Natural Stone Bracelet

Bracelets have been worn since ancient time as jewelry. The word bracelet origins from the Greek word “brachile” meaning “of the arm” whereas, the Old French describe the word bracelet as an arm-guard used by archers. These bracelets are made from semi-precious gemstones. These gemstone have been specially mined  from the earth so that you are supplied with the best. These bracelets have rich earthy energy within them. These gemstones are all reliable and are not artificial crystal or glass man made impersonator. You would surely be getting an absolutely authentic  piece of bracelet. Each bracelet is hand crafted so that you feel the healing energy and positivity when you wear it. These Beautiful Bracelets in Natural Stone attract good health, inner peace, success, abundance and prosperity.

Available Bracelets

- Amethyst
- Rose Quartz
- Quartz Crystal
- Agate
- Tiger Eye
- Garnet
- Jasper
- Lava Stone
- Citrine
- Bloodstone
- Howlite
- Green Aventurine
- Chakra Bracelet

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