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Agate Eye Pendant

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Agate eye pendant is created from a piece of agate which has natural coloring layered band in such a fashion as it appear to be as an eye

This extremely beautiful Agate Eye Oval is crafted from the finest AA quality agate crystal. The sleek smooth polish of the Agate eye oval gives it a pleasing feel.  This agate eye oval is perfectly hand crafted to provide you with the perfect oval shape eye. This  pendant has been crafted from agate as agate has been considered amongst the strongest stones . This agate stone has a natural color band, the banding appears on the rock in such a way that it gives it a impression of eye. There is a strong silver frame work, which provides support to this beautiful agate eye oval.

Metaphysical properties

This agate eye helps one focus on what they need for general well-being. This beautiful agate eye oval enhances strength and gives courage , perception and analytical abilities. This agate eye oval helps overcomes negativity and bitterness. It helps one to analyzing and come up with solutions to seemingly complex problems or issues. 

This Agate eye pendant will provide you with a suitable balance between your physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual states. This Agate Eye pendant will not only will enhance your personal courage but also protect you against danger this Agate Eye also will provide you a calming influence, preventing insomnia this agate eye pendant will provide you with pleasant dreams.

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