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Crystal disintegrator with multiple facets in it is used in Pranic psychotherapy. It has a very sharp point to cut the unwanted cords or links and should be handled with great care. These negative elementals or negative links are like virus which attack the physical body. Just like in computer there is hardware and software which runs the computer. When the human software that is the emotional body is attacked by virus, like anger, grief, fear, jealousy, hatred etc the hardware, that is the physical body starts malfunctioning and produces different types of ailments and diseases. Crystal disintegrator is most powerful instruments used in removing the negative links and elementals with ease so that our physical body is healed. The process of using this crystal disintegrator is taught in Pranic Psychotherapy, which deals with the psychological ailments.

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Black Agate disintegrator

4.3 out of 5
Available in stock / Availability: 4 left / 10-14 Business Working Days
SKU: #PD-009

Approximate length more than 4 Inches 10 cm to 13 cm


Shipping: $12.00

8 cm Pranic Disintegrator

3.3 out of 5
Available in stock / Availability: 1 left /
SKU: #PD-003

Approximate Length – 8 cm to 8.5 cm
Clarity – 99% or above


Shipping: $12.00

9 cm Pranic Disintegrator

4.0 out of 5
Available in stock / Availability: 2 left /
SKU: #PD-37

Approximate length – 90 mm to 92 mm
Clarity – Approximate clarity 98 to 99% or more


Shipping: $12.00

10 cm Pranic Disintegrator (4 Inches)

4.5 out of 5
Available in stock / Availability: 4 left /
SKU: #PD-41

Approximate Length between 100 mm to 110 mm, In inches it will be more than 4 inches. Excellent disintegrators with approximate clarity 97 %



Shipping: $15.00

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