Prana Crystals


* Who are we?

We are exporters, Dealers and Retailers of Indian Mineral Specimens, Zeolites, retail Collectors to Container Grades.

* How shall we make payment?

Online payment can be made via all Major Credit Cards. Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Wholesalers and other’s can send their payment via Cheque, PayPal, Money Orders, Demand drafts or Wire Transfers.

* How much will I save on shipping charges?

The more you buy the more you can save. There is a flat discount on shipping when you buy multiple products.
2 Products = 20% Shipping Discount
3 or more Products = 30% Shipping Discount

* What is Loyalty Points; how will it benefit me?

Depending upon the invoice amount you make including shipping, you get a loyalty points which has equivalent $ amount fixed to it. Which you can use to purchase the product for free by redeeming those points.

This is how it works
$5 = 1 loyalty point = $0.20

So if you make an invoice of $200. Below is the value of products you can buy for free by redeeming these points.

$200 = 40 loyalty points = $8

You can redeem these points anytime you want. These points do not expire

* What if I don't want to make online payment via credit cards, what other options of payments do you have?

There are other payments options available to you like Wire Transfer, Pay Pal, Money Order, Cheques, and Demand Drafts etc.

* How will the online products purchased by us will be delivered?

The products purchased online will be delivered to you via air couriers. For wholesaler's the product will be sent via air or ship cargo depending upon the quantity ordered and size of the consignment.

* How much time will it take for the products purchased online to reach the destination?

It will takes between 5 - 10 business days for the products to reach destination, depending upon the products and Courier Company by which we will be sending.

* How can I find out about items before they become available on the website?

One of the best ways to add the finest items to your collection is to have access to them before anyone else does. By registering on our website we can give you that advantage...and the service is FREE. As a Member, you will be able to view items for a short period of time before they are put in the online catalog or auction. Join today and enjoy the benefits as they become available

Please contact us for availability of the items you wish to order and we will provide you with delivery schedule.

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