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    Unique Crystal Cluster with phantoms

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    Weight-260 Gms , Length - 13 Cm, Exotic Piece with traces of Green Chlorite and phantoms

    Weight-260 Grams, Length - 13 Cm. This is a Museum piece specimen in original form. All the crystal points are unique. You will find traces of Green Chlorite in it. This specimen is with a unique formation and also has lots of Phantom inclusions in it. This is one of the rare specimens to be kept in the collections of Exotic rocks and minerals
    This Clear Family Quartz Crystals specimen is from Himalayan Region. These natural clear quartz crystals have absorbed the wisdom of the yogis and saints of the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. They are full of chi the energy every one thrives for. These quartz crystals are natures wonder and have taken million of years in their creation. These quartz crystal specimen are found on very high altitude in Himalayan region Get this Exotic family crystal specimen at affordable rates

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