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  • Large Quartz Crystal Phantom Image
  • Large Quartz Crystal Phantom Image

Large Quartz Crystal Phantom

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Large natural quartz crystal with green color phantom in it. Weight 876 Grams. Height 15 Cm. Approximate Width 6.5 cm on top and 7.5 cm on the base. 6 Faceted Polished obelisk.

This is a rare natural quartz crystal with a beautiful green phantom in it. It is a rare formation of phantom found and it makes the crystal unique. This is a collector piece.
This Pyramid shape phantom is clearly seen. This piece of quartz crystal is polished to give the best view of the phantom and has a great clarity.Some part of the oblesik is having a rough surface to give more insight into the natural rock crystal.Rare collector piece
The phantoms in natural quartz crystals are detoxifying agent and help in spiritual growth of a person.

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