Prana Crystals

Atma Namaste! 

Thank you so much for the quick delivery! They are beautiful! 

Hi Munir, the package arrived, and the crystals are gorgeous! I hope to order more soon, but need to recover some of our initial expenses as we’ve bought so much inventory over the past few weeks.


I’ll stay in touch. Your craftsmanship is outstanding, only surpassed by your stellar customer-focused support.


Warmest blessings to you and your staff!



I picked up the crystal thank you so much it's fantastic.  Atma Namaste!


I have received the crystal this week ,so beautiful thank you so much .
Thank you for all your help along the way you were fantastic with your service 
Love your work .
Warm regards 

I received my crystal and I want you to know that I am very happy with it. It is a wonderful healing crystal. Your shipping was very fast and it safely arrived in a very secure package.

Thank You Don C.

Hello Prana Crystals team!

Just wanted to let you know that my new crystal arrived today and is absolutely gorgeous. Massive, massive thankyou for the care taken in packing him so delicately and for the storage case. I have already showed a lot of people who were extremely impressed with the devotion taken to ensuring the crystal got to me in tact and happy.

Your newest loving customer.

I just wanted to thank you for the crystals I bought from you earlier this month while I was in Mumbai. Both crystals have been working absolutely great for me, and anyone else I healed. Using those crystals, I healed my father who was supposed to go for a angioplasty for his heart. Within a week there was such dramatic improvement that the cardiologist did not find any blockage in his arteries when he went for the procedure, and the surgery was not required. Also, I healed my sister with those crystals when she developed a sudden pre-eclempsia late in the last week of her pregnancy. Miraculously, her condition completely stabilized within 2 days, and she was able to deliver her twins a week later and in perfect health. I know it is ultimately the blessing of God and Master Choa and the science itself, but nevertheless I wanted to thank you for selling me those crystals at the right time

Dear team of prana crystals! I received the package and they are all in excellent condition!! Thank you very much for your help and the lovely items!

Dear Munir Fakih,

Atma Namaste!

Crystals arrived some days ago but a lot of work makes me not able to write you...
The crystals are very good and the packaging too!
Thanks a lot for you work.
I hope i'll order new crystals very soon.
Thanks also for the bracelets.
I'll think about them.


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