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Star of David in Gold

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GOLD - 18 Karats,Crystal quality Excellent, Approximate Size 29 mm to 31 mm

The Pendant is made in 18 Kt Gold It is Star of David engraved and Handcrafted in Quartz Crystal. It is Cut is such a way that there are two triangles inside, one on either side facing opposite direction and forming a Star of David. This Pendant is recommended in GMCKS Pranic healing.The Crystal can be programmed and energized to make it more powerful. Star of David has great significance in Jewish Religion.The Gold in it enhances the healing property multiple times
This exclusive and beautiful Star of David Pendants are made from Quartz crystal which is mined from earth. The geometry and the crystal in it greatly enhance the beneficial power of the pendant. Using the principles of Sacred Geometry, this crystal is faceted into a stunning Six Pointed Star of David shape. There are multiple benefits of this pendant. The Star of David pendant act as a shield for protection. The pendant balances and harmonizes all the chakras and organs of the body.Quartz Crystals come with natural inclusions. We try to give the best to our customers.

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