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    Kyanite Sticks Set Of Six

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    Set of 6 Kyannite massage stick approximate 6 to 7 centimeteres

    This beautiful looking set of six is made  Kyanite stick is of very high quality. The deep blue color looks perfectly beautiful with the smooth finish on every the Kyanite stick.  While handcrafting each of this beautiful Kyanite stick set perfection is maintained to the core to provide you with the best. You should definitely buy this affordable and useful Kyanite stick set and protect your family and loved ones from  jealously, hatred and black magic .  

    Metaphysical properties

    This Kyanite stick set of six used in crystal healing and folklore to reduce hunger when fasting, insomnia, mononucleosis symptoms, and dehydration. It is also said to provide energy while fasting. This Kyanite stick set of six gives you the convictions to face any adversity by bringing strength in times of need.


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