Prana Crystals

We get the best collections of Rocks and Minerals directly from the mines to our customers. These are in natural form, we try to minimize the matrix to give the glimpse of the beauty. Most of the specimen in this section are of museum grade and collector pieces.Rocks and Mineral specimens from the Indian subcontinent. Beautiful and natural pieces of Himalayan Quartz crystal clusters, Apophyllite, Green Apophyllite, Stilbite, Heulandite, Scolecite and other minerals from time to time.

These Rocks and Minerals are formed in the earth crust all over the earth. These creation took million of years for the formation. Some of the  formation are so beautiful that it is impossible for the human technology and advances to duplicate them. The colors are extremely fascinating and gives a royal look. The lovers of the nature are always in search of rare rocks and minerals. They accompany the miners and try to get the best specimens of these minerals in natural form. When such rare specimens are spotted they are removed and blasted with a big rock or matrix, taking great care to safeguard the main specimen. Than the big rock along with specimen is brought to the surface. Than with the advanced machinery and technology the matrix is removed, keeping the natures wonder safe. 


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