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    Yellow Aventurine Healing Angels

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    Yellow Aventurine Healing Angels Size approximate height 4 cm to 4.5cm, Good Quality


    This phenomenal Yellow Aventurine Healing Angel is made of the good quality natural yellow aventurine rough. This Yellow Aventurine Healing Angel has superb shine and vibrant yellow color.  This exceptional design of the healing crystal has been hand crafted by skilled designer to give you a perfect looking angel. This Yellow Aventurine Healing Angel has great positive energy in it. The color yellow of the aventurine is been related with the of the crown chakra.

    Metaphysical properties

    This Yellow Aventurine Healing Angel  opens intuitive and psychic abilities. This amethyst crystal ball helps to calm the mind, by enabling us to know the peace which lies within oneself. This Yellow Aventurine Healing Angel reduces stress,and anxiety. This Yellow Aventurine Healing Angel also brings in more of positive atmosphere.

    It also helps to cure blood and in breathing  problems.

    All the angels in this section are handcrafted from natural stones

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