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    Snow Fur Healing Angel

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    Size approximate height 3.5 cm to 4cm, Good Quality

    This enchanting Snow Fur Healing Angel, is flawlessly crafted from the finest quality snow fur rough. The smooth perfect finish of the Snow Fur Healing Angel comes from its perfectly handcrafted design. This magnificent Snow Fur Healing Angel comes to you after proper research so that you get the original product. This Snow Fur Healing Angel has a beautiful vibrant black color with white banding, creating an illusion of snow falling on the ground. This snow fur healing angel is one of the best ways that the average untrained person can easily perform self healing.

    Metaphysical properties

    This Snow Fur Healing Angel helps eliminate the fear of darkness and night. This Snow Fur Healing Angel prevents bad dreams, nightmares and insomnia by providing  you with pleasant dreams. This Snow Fur Healing Angel also provides courage, vitality, confidence. It also aids in the cure of lower back pain problems.


    All the angels in this section are handcrafted from natural stones

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