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Smoky Quartz Heart

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Size - 25 mm x 30 mm

You can definitely spend hours exploring the beauty of this Smoky Quartz Heart. This Smoky Quartz Heart  is a variety of quartz that has a unique combination of brown color tones, because of its irradiation as provided by mother nature. This smoky quartz heart has rutiles in the inner world of the smoky quartz heart. The golden streams radiate energy in all direction. You can also see a black outing which covers the entire smoky quartz heart. Size - 25 mm x 30 mm

Metaphysical properties

This Smoky Quartz Heart absorbs an enormous amount of negativity and guards you against drifting back to them. This Smoky Quartz Heart has a unique combination of strong grounding and protective energy . This Smoky Quartz Heart has a  light, soothing and uplifting quality that distinguishes smoky quartz heart from others.


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