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Small Shree Yantra

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Small Size Quartz Crystal Shree Yantra, AAA Quality, Approximate weight 18 to 20 Grams - Keep the Crystal shree yantra in pocket, money box or your prayer room. Ancient Indian knew the BENEFITS OF CRYSTAL SHREE YANTRA and use it in their daily life to take advantage of this miraculous geometry Weight Handcrafted from natural quartz crystal (Sphatik) of excellent quality. Fame and Name is always associated with the Crystal shree yantra. As it is handcrafted from Natural quartz crystal mined from earth, one may find SMALL NATURAL INCLUSION OR VEILS WHICH ARE INEVITABLE and are the sign of a genuine Natural quartz crystal.

Sphatik shree yantra - Approximate weight between 18 to 20 Grams, AAA Quality, Handcrafted from natural rock crystal (Sphatik) Mined from earth. one can keep in home and offices for Wealth, prosperity and can also keep small shree yantra in Money box or carry in pocket for abundance. Buy directly original shree yantra at and get them at your doorstep.
BENEFITS OF CRYSTAL SHREE YANTRA : – Every person wants success, abundance, prosperity, wealth, fame and many more things. Crystal shree yanta is the answer of all. Keep this shree yantra at you home and office and reap the benefits. Small shree yantra can be carried in pocket.One can also keep the crystal shree yantra in money box and prayer room to avail the benefits of it.

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