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Shree Yantra Pyramid

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Shree yantra crystal pyramid, Approximate Size: 28 to 29 mm, Quality: AAA+

Combination of Quartz crystal, Sacred geometry of Shree yantra and a Pyramid Shree yantra Pyramid Approximate Size: 28mm to 29 mm, Quality: AAA+. This Shree Yantra Pyramid is handcrafted from Natural Quartz crystal.The Shree Yantra in it is engraved in the crystal. The shree yantra pyramid is a Powerful combination of Shree Yantra the Instrument of wealth and success, the Pyramid which is also a sacred geometry to enhance power and above all the Quartz Crystal the Source and the storage of energy. One can imagine its multiple uses and the benefits. Quartz crystal shree yantra pyramid is recommended in VAASTU and FENG SHUI to remove the defects and the ill effects of the environment.
Combination of Quartz crystal, Sacred geomentry of Shree yantra and a Pyramid BENEFITS OF CRYSTAL SHREE YANTRA PYRAMID : – 1.Power of Shree yantra the instrument enhance wealth. prosperity and success. 2. Sacred geometry of the Pyramid which is given in the ancient text. 3. The power of the natural quartz crystal, which is a storage and source for energy supply.

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