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Rare Blood Stone Sphere

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Rare piece size 100 mm, weight 1160 grams

Approximate size 100 mm, Weight 1160 grams, This is a one of the rare piece of Blood stone sphere with beautiful ring formations which can be seen in the photograph.This attractive Rare Blood Stone Sphere is extremely attractive and displays swirls of jades integrated with deep green colour and possesses healing energy. Traces of red and magenta are to be found in the mixed colours of dark and light green. Truly a natural beauty, this bloodstone sphere is brought to you after careful research for assuring that you get an absolutely original sphere from Prana Crystals, the leading supplier of quality healing products worldwide.
Across the globe, this stone is regularly used to attract wealth and prosperity. Popularly known as “the stone of courage”, this bloodstone helps you in maintaining the essential balance in your life at all times. During all your creative activities, it is advisable to wear this sphere as a pendant. One can also keep at home in form of Ball/Sphere and Pyramids

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