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OM Pendant

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Stone - Natural Quartz Crystal, OM engraved in it

Designed from the best quality crystal this Om Pendant has an exemplary appearance. Om Pendant perfectly represents the four divine states of Brahman. This Om Pendant has the right shape and properly cut smooth round edges. The Om Pendant has a calm yet incredible charm and interesting shine that will certainly enchant and appeal the receiver. The clean finish of the Om Pendant surrounds a shimmering glow when you wear it. This Om Pendant can prove to be an ideal gift option.  

Metaphysical properties

This Om Pendant helps a person to remain highly positive. It increases creativity and also helps people accept  the inevitable changes in life. This Om Pendant is excellent for eliminating your fears and short comings. This Om Pendant helps build positive attitude in our own abilities. This Om Pendant helps bring about any changes you desire or need within your life. 

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