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    Millionaires Cavansite

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    Rare find of cavansite specimenLength 13 Cm x 10 Cm,Weight 660 Grams

    This is a beautiful Millionaire Cavansite with a natural luster. It is surrounded by beautiful lustrous matrix. This Millionaire Cavansite is a very rare specimen. It has been mined from the mines in Wagholi in Pune, India. This  wonderful specimen has high lustrous. This naturally formed chunks of cavansite look perfectly beautiful.  You should waste no time in buying this specimen. When you add this rare specimen to your precious collection, it would definitely mark its presence.  Length 13 Cm x 10 Cm,Weight 660 Grams.

    Metaphysical properties

    Millionaire Cavansite is helpful for attracting money. It creates new opportunities and ways for attracting more and more money. Millionaire Cavansite can also be used to by those looking out for a job. It also promotes goodwill. This Millionaire Cavansite is beneficial in self-analysis and uncovering hidden circumstances that might interfere with a persons well-being. 

    This Cavansite specimen are from famous mines of wagholi, Maharashtra, India.

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