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Meditation Golden Mat

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Size is approx 42 Cms x 42 Cms.

This Meditation mat is made up of pure silk. The beautiful design of the Silk meditation mat looks very beautiful. This Silk meditation mat has a thick golden border. The entire mat has a sequence of square box which is followed by a big square in the center of the mat. This big square has a thick golden cloth border. The Golden color cloth used for bordering this powerful meditation mat is of a very high quality. This Mat is Very helpful in doing Pranic Healing Meditations.

Metaphysical properties

This Meditation mat is useful for those who are less flexible. This Meditation mat is best suited for persons of average height. Since this mat has straight edges, it will not interfere with positioning of the heels. The mat will perfectly help you to lift up your body in proper alignment. The rectangular meditation mat is often preferred by more experienced mediators.

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