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Kriya Shakti Mat

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Size: 50 Cm x 50 Cm. Specially designed from Red Color Pure silk cloth to activate the basic chakra

This beautiful looking  Kriya Shakti Mat is been made up of Red Color pure silk cloth. This mat has a wonderful red color. The beautiful golden border of the Kriya Shakti Mat complements the red color of the mat like no other. There is a big golden lace square in the center of the mat. The Mat is made from strong and durable quality silk cloth so that you can easily use this mat for years.

Metaphysical properties

The Red color cloth of the Kriya Shakti Mat is specially used to activate the Basic chakra. This mat is not only helpful for doing Kriya Shakti Meditation but also other Meditation. This  Kriya Shakti Mat provides you with total comfort during long meditation hours. This Kriya Shakti Mat supports your body by providing it with a firm foundation. This mat helps in activating the Basic chakra so that our goals are manifested. Quick manifestation of goals is the purpose why pranic healers use this mat.

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