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Honey Calcite ball

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59 mm Beautiful golden calcite ball/ Honey calcite ball AA Quality.

This beautiful looking Honey Calcite Ball is made of very high quality calcite rough. The deep yellow color with a dash of vibrant golden color combines perfectly with  the smooth finish of this  amethyst crystal ball. While handcrafting this beautiful honey calcite ball perfection is maintained to the core to provide you with the best. The exemplary design of this honey calcite ball is sure to captivate the sight of the people who look at it. Approximate size 59 mm. Approximate weight 293 grams. 

Metaphysical properties

This honey calcite ball is very useful to opens intuitive and psychic abilities. This honey calcite ball helps to calm the mind, by enabling one know the peace which lies beyond constant desire and mental activity. It reduces stress,and anxiety. This honey calcite ball is helpful for remove addictions and nightmares.
Handcrafted from natural calcite mined from earth, please note the pictures are illustrative to give a idea. you will get the same type of product.

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