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    Green Aventurine worry stone set of 9

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    Set of 9 Green Aventurine Worry stones

    Green Aventurine Worry Stone

    These are a Set of 9 Green Aventurine Worry stones. These worry stones are also known as Palm stones and are used for healing and meditation. These worry stone are oval shaped, with a flat base and approximately 3 Cm to 4 Cm in Length and 2 Cm to 3 Cm in width. Green is always known for its cleansing property and growth.Put these natural polished stones on the organ and command them to clean and energize it.

    When rubbed with thumb produces hormones to sooth the emotions. These stone absorb the worries and negative emotions of a person. These stones have to regularly washed in running water to cleanse them.

    They can be energized with incense or putting them in Sun light. Different healing modalities teach how to consecrate these stones to multiply their effect. Maximum benefits can be taken as these stones do not have their own consciousness. The healer or the person wearing it can command these stones as per the needs of a person. 

    These oval shape worry stones are of good quality.At we sell quality products

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