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Green Aventurine Heart Pendant

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Stone - Green Aventurine, Shape - Heart

The smooth finish and the exceeding green color of this Green Aventurine Heart Pendant comes from high quality green aventurine rough. The color of this green aventurine would look perfectly brilliant when you wear it. The exemplary craftsmanship gone into achieving the perfect heart design of this pendant. The green aventurine rough has been hand picked to give you a perfect finishing effect. This Green Aventurine Heart Pendant has a silver frame work which perfectly complements the light green color of the pendant. 

Metaphysical properties

This Green Aventurine Heart Pendant helps one achieve intellectual, emotional and physical well being. It helps one think and act in a more precise and analytical manner. This Green Aventurine Heart Pendant  strengthens the immune system and wards off negative energy. This Green Aventurine Heart Pendant helps one to examine the problem and come up with solutions instantly. 

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