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Black Tourmaline Pencil Pendant

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The price is for 1 Black tourmaline pencil Pendant. Excellent Quality Black tourmaline pendant with smooth finish.

The price is for per piece. Excellent quality Black tourmaline pendants.Pencil shape is comfortable to wear and gives a elegant look. Black tourmaline is very effective in removing negativity and protect a person from physic attack.Superbly polished for finishing jet black effect and it looks good with black tourmaline pencil embedded in the metal.It helps in protection and negative vibes. In India people used for NAZAR. One of the best stone easily available for protection against physic attack and unwanted negative thoughts and emotions.Black tourmaline pendant act as a shield and keep safe the person wearing against all negative attacks. Recommended pendant for children.
Black tourmaline rough stones, tumbled stones and in the form of jewelry are also substitutes to be used in home and offices for protection.
These pendants are made from best quality black tourmaline stone mined from earth. To avail of good discount buy them in quantity of 50 and above.

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