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Big Crystal Bracelet

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Gorgeous transparent quartz crystal bracelet

Crafted from the best quality crystal this Crystal bracelet has an exemplary appearance.  Jewelry or any products made from natural quartz crystal is always attractive to the eyes than the MAN MADE or LABORATORY GROWN CRYSTALS.Our quartz crystal beads bracelets are made from natural stones and you can also find some beautiful natural inclusions or veils in it. We try to give the best but the natural inclusions are inevitable. This Crystal Bead bracelet has the right shape and properly cut smooth round beads. The Crystal Bead bracelet has a calm yet incredible charm and piquant shine that will certainly enchant and appeal the receiver. The clean finish of the Crystal Bead bracelet surrounds a shimmering glow when you wear it. This Crystal Bead bracelet can prove to be an ideal gift option. Size approximate 8 mm.

 Metaphysical properties

This Crystal Bead bracelet is thought to strengthen the life force. It bring luck and optimism. It also increase strength and vitality. The Crystal Bead bracelet also protect from destructive forces. This Crystal Bead bracelet increases the sense of capability and courage. Crystal Bead bracelet also promotes good will. Crystal Bead bracelet aids in overcoming your fears.


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