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Amethyst Heart Pendant

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Stone - Amethyst, Shape - Heart.

This Amethyst Heart Pendant has a vibrant purple color. The Amethyst Heart Pendant has a  perfect heart shape which has been achieved due to exemplary craftsmanship done by skilled artists. This Amethyst Heart Pendant has a very sleek and smooth finish which adds to the beauty of this Amethyst Heart Pendant. This Amethyst Heart Pendant is handcrafted from the best quality natural amethyst rough. This superb looking Amethyst Heart Pendant gives you magnificent charm and strength when you wear it daily. 

Metaphysical properties

This Amethyst Heart Pendant helps maintain balance in your life. This Amethyst Heart Pendant heals inner anger, it dispels loneliness and gives the courage to start again. It is useful for any kind of emotional trauma. This Amethyst Heart Pendant creates a sense of safety and security by dissolving internal tension. For a smooth and steady life, we recommend this fabulous Amethyst Heart Pendant.

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