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    Agate Grapes

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    Stone: Carnelian and Green Aventurine

    Meticulously crafted, this beautiful looking Agate Grapes is crafted from top quality agate rough. These agate grapes have been effortlessly cut to achieve this perfect grape design. The grounding energy of agate makes these agate grapes even more special. The  Agate Grapes has a smooth finish and high shine. You can use these Agate Grapes to make your home decor lively and energetic. This Agate Grapes can prove to be a perfect gift; you can give this priceless gift art on birthdays, anniversary.    

    Metaphysical properties

    Agate Grapes helps in balancing the important and the unimportant by helping a person to sort meaning from the data. These Agate Grapes commands the energy flow within the body.  These Agate Grapes are open channels to receive new ideas, dreams, and visions. This Agate Grapes spreads positivity and helps one to achieve harmony. These Agate Grapes helps  one to control the flow of energy.  

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