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  • 95 mm Blood Stone Oblisk Image

95 mm Blood Stone Oblisk

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Height – 9.5 Cms, Weight – 100 Gms

This Bloodstone Obelisk  is meticulously hand carved to give you a gorgeous looking Obelisk. The smooth finish of this Bloodstone Obelisk speaks of the quality of the  bloodstone rough used to craft this Obelisks. The top of the obelisk has a vibrant green color it has a strong yellow color towards the bottom with red spots which thoroughly complements the beauty of the Obelisks. This Bloodstone Obelisk has a fine design and a glossy shine which gives it a unique look. 

Metaphysical properties

This Bloodstone Obelisk is used to align the physical body with the universe. This Bloodstone Obeliskprovides mind balance and energy balance. This Bloodstone Obelisk attunes the energies required for spiritual growth. This Bloodstone Obelisk is excellent for enhancing awareness during meditative state in order to stimulate higher spiritual gains. 


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