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85 mm Big Lapis lazuli sphere

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Unique lapis lazuli sphere. Diameter 85 mm, Weight 1095 Grams, AA quality

This majestic looking Big Lapis Lazuli Sphere is a snip representation of contemporary art. This lapis lazuli sphere has been crafted from excellent quality lapis lazuli rough. The flawless smooth polish of the sphere will speak about the quality of the lapis lazuli rock. This lapis lazuli sphere can be kept at your home or your workplace.The combination of whirl of blue together with white adds to the beauty of this exclusive sphere and makes it a rare one. It will provide you with great healing effects and will help to maintaining a stability in your life.Diameter 85 mm, Weight 1095 Grams, Quality AA
This wonderful Lapis Lazuli Sphere is useful to obtain a wisdom, esoteric knowledge, Awareness, atonement, intuition and also in improving your psychic ability. This lapis lazuli sphere will tend to protect you from different kind of stress. This lapis lazuli sphere is said to strengthen leadership abilities because of its ability to help with decision-making.The most important lapis is said to be stone for ladies and help them to overcome their stress and problems.

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