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8 cms Tiger Eye Wand

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Size – 8 cm, Weight – 50 grams, with a flat base.

Size – 8 Cm, Weight – 50 Grams This smoothly cut Tiger Eye Wand has a Specific golden yellow hue and the brown color which expresses different degrees of strengthening and grounding energy. Tiger eye wand also has a mystical, opalescent quality to it, and the combination of solid black color stripes with shimmering gold and brown makes it a very special stone, with a high glossy texture . Good stone to overcome laziness
Tiger eye wand is used for its protection and clearing properties and brings insight into complex situations. This Tiger eye wand protects you from negative energies. It helps focus the mind and also attracts good luck. This tiger eye wand can deepen your meditative state and focus personal energy. It helps dispels fears and promotes mental clarity. It also helps in normalize low blood pressure.

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