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60 mm Jasper Agate

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Size - 53 mm x 60 mm

This rare jasper agate heart has an extremely attractive finish. Jasper Agate is one of the oldest known gemstones. The jasper agate stone is also known as iaspis in Greek, which means “a lucky stone.” The deeply nourishing, earthy red color of the jasper agate heart will definitely stand out. The jasper agate heart is perfectly made from the best quality jasper agate rough. The highly shiny jasper agate heart are of very good quality and have a deeming excellent polish. Size - 53 mm x 60 mm

Metaphysical properties

This jasper agate heart can teach you how to stay balanced and replenish your inner energy resources. This jasper agate heart has earthy energies that will warm your soul and clears your mind. This jasper agate heart acts as a powerful protection tool. The jasper agate heart  is especially helpful for achieving a subtle balance between giving and receiving.


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