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55 mm Golden Agate Pyramid

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55 mm Golden agate Pyramid

This Golden Agate Pyramid is well cut and exceptionally attractive. Flawlessly designed to match up to your expectations, this golden agate pyramid is made with utmost care from superior quality golden agate to give you this desired pyramid shape. The smooth finish of the pyramid is a delight to look at. The Golden Agate is well known as a grounding stone. It weighs around 140 grams to 160 grams and is approximately between 53 mm to 55 mm. This really is top quality. Each one is hand pick for the finished effect. It is quite true to say that the energy can actually be felt when you hold it in the hand. An agate strengthens body / mind. It is a powerful healer works on chakras and attitudes according to the color of the stones. keep at home for decoration purpose to make your home decor lively and energetic.

Metaphysical properties

Golden agate pyramid can be used as a personal talisman for happiness, as a natural birthstone, as a healing crystal for areas of the stomach, and in meditation to gain an appreciation of the bounty of the Universe. It is also used for relaxation and soothing. This Pyramid has soft energy that soothes the tired muscles and tired auras.

Please note there can be a slight variation in sizes of pyramids.

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