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43 mm Rose Quartz Heart

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Size - 43 mm x 45 mm

This Rose Quartz Heart is properly cut and polished in an ability to focus the energy of your intention in the right direction. The scared geometry inherited to design this heart  is what gives this heart great power within. This Rose Quartz Heart is a well known stone for its protective energies. The clean finish of this heart will envelope the surrounding in a shimmering energy. The fabulous pink color of this  Rose Quartz Heart comes looks pleasing. This rose quartz heart will enchant you with its presence. Size - 43mm x 45 mm Rose quartz Heart 

Metaphysical properties

This Rose Quartz Heart  is used to open your heart. This Rose Quartz Heart bring new possibilities for manifesting what you desire. This Rose Quartz Heart enhance your mental power, and its unique resonance may raise your concentration during  meditation. This  Rose Quartz Heart  aids you to become more emotionally balanced. 


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