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  • 42 mm Rose Quartz Crystal Pyramid Image

42 mm Rose Quartz Crystal Pyramid

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Size – 42 mm, Weight – 60 Gms.

Size – 42 mm, Weight – 60 Gms. Rose Quartz Crystal is the best stone for Opening up the Heart Chakra. Use this stone to activate the Heart Chakra and focus on the Power of Love to transmute any negative energy. Wonderful for Grids, Energy Work and especially for Psychic Surgery. Rose Quartz (the love stone) is said to add positive energy to relationships. The stone is also believed to replace negativity with harmony and invoke compassion and forgiveness. Thought to balance the upper four chakras and release stored anger. Wear Rose Quartz over the heart, or keep close to you in your pocket or purse. It can also be placed in the relationship corner of your home to attract love. This is the farthest right hand corner as you walk in the front door.
Pyramids amplify and then tightly focus energy through the apex. This Rose Quartz pyramid can be used to draw off negative energy and blockage from the Heart Chakra. A pyramid is also used to enhance and focus the inherent properties of the stone.

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