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18 inches Carnelian Mala

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Carnelian Necklace - size-18 inches

The rich, bold color of this Carnelian mala will definitely cast a spell on you. These carnelian mala were mostly used in 1940's to 1950's The carnelian stone used to make this necklace are highly glassy and translucent. Carnelian stone is an orange reddish-colored variety of Chalcedony crystal, which belongs to the Quartz family. The carnelian stone used to handcraft this necklace is of premium quality. The color of the stone varies from pale pinkish-orange to a deep rusty red color this gives the necklace a trendy look. Size:18 inches long.

 Metaphysical properties

This Carnelian mala is an energy booster and stabilizer to. Carnelian mala makes one  happy and calm. Carnelian mala helps one feel very secure. When you wear this carnelian mala, you feel an aura of warmth, protection and inner security surroundings you. The carnelian mala provides balance to those experiencing extremes.

Carnelian mala made from Polished carnelian tumbled stones

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