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18 inch Beggar Beads

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Beggar beads Necklace, Size – 18 inches

These enthralling Beggar Beads is extremely attractive and demonstrates and possesses healing energy. The clean finish of the beggar beads comes from the  AA quality stones used. The beggar beads is made using crystals and stones like Amethyst, Rose quartz, Carnelian, Bloodstone, Moss Agate, Camel Agate, Jasper these beads are highly shinny. These Beggar beads stones vary from small to big. These stones are carefully cut and polished to form this perfect looking beggar bead.  Size:18 inches long.

 Metaphysical properties

 These Beggar Beads grooms and enhances the organs and subtle bodies and acts as a deep soul cleanser. These beggar beads helps in connecting with the physical dimension of mind. Beggar beads also aids in improving concentration and it unlocks memory. These beggar beads stimulates energy in the body and helps to maintain balance.

Please note the designs will change from time to time to give the latest and the best to our customers.

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