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    105 mm Green Apophyllite Specimen

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    Size – 10.6 cm x 6 cm, Approximate Weight – 480 Gms

    Dark green apophyllite crystals on matrix looks stunning. Size – 10.6 cm x 6 cm, Weight – approximate 480 grams.
    Physical Green Apophyllite is an ideal crystal to have present if you are recovering from illness as it brings to us the energy of rebirth, healing and growth. It also offers us respite after periods of great exhaustion. Mental/Emotional Green Apophyllite helps us to release feelings of oppression, fear, restriction and hopelessness. It makes it easier for us to release our own pent up or withheld emotions. Green Apophyllite enables us to overcome other people’s cynicism and to feel more joy in our lives. It helps us to be more open and straightforward in matters of love. Green Apophyllite can also help to release us from control mechanisms, e.g. hypnotic commands, remote-suggestion, etc, that bind us and which were placed upon us either in this life or in past lives

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