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Things To Know About Pranic Healing

Does our body really consist of “two” parts?

According to science, our body consists of two parts: the physical part which is visible to the world, and the invisible energy body, that can be seen now in photographs taken through techniques like Kirlian photography. Many medicines are available today for disturbances in the physical body, but the invisible energy body still poses challenges for contemporary pharmaceutical drugs. Millions of people worldwide suffering from diverse ailments benefit from the practice of Pranic Healing.

Evolution of Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing has evolved from ancient knowledge common to many spiritual traditions and societies. Historically, sages and saints have been known to perform cures that quality as being “miraculous”. Renowned pranic healers around the world have learned and absorbed this knowledge which has been handed over from generations, while carefully researching and meticulously analysing the art of identifying and removing human maladies.

What is ‘Pranic Healing’ and how does it work?

Pranic Healing is a “no touch no drug energy based healing technique”. It successfully utilises the life force or ‘prana’ to balance, harmonise and transform the body’s energy, and to heal by accelerating the rate of self healing and self recovery. Pranic Healing works on two fundamental laws: Law of self recovery and law of life energy. As outlined above, all beings have energy fields around them, which we commonly refer to as “aura”. From the environment, the energy body absorbs ‘prana’ and equally distributes this life force throughout the physical body.

How is Pranic Healing connected with “Chakras”?

The energy body which absorbs the ‘prana’ primarily consists of two elements: the ‘inner aura’ and the ‘outer aura’. In the energy body, there are different whirling energy cinders called “chakras”, each of which control a particular organ, or have a specific role in the functioning of that organ. The energy body consists of eleven major chakras which continuously keep on absorbing fresh energy from the surroundings, and expel diseased or exhausted energy back into the surroundings. In the event of this used energy being accumulated in any of these energy centres, the respective centres start malfunctioning. When this continues over a period of time, the physical organ controlled by the energy centre also gets affected. If by some means this diseased energy is removed from the affected energy cinder or chakra, the chakra resumes functioning at optimum level, and subsequently the corresponding organ starts functioning healthily again.

The two “bodies” are inter-connected

There is a certain unique relationship between the visible body and the invisible body. What affects one, affects the other. If the invisible body is kept healthy through Pranic healing, the visible body too will respond accordingly and stay healthy.


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