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Which Crystal Wand Should I Buy for Pranic Healing?

With so many beautiful laser crystal wands available, it gets confusing to decide which laser crystal wands to buy. You might be having questions like which crystal wand should I buy? What should be the length? Are inclusions in the crystal wand ok? What is a difference between laser crystal wand and crystal wand? I have got all your questions answered here, hope you find it helpful.

Things to consider before buying crystal wands.
- Clarity
- Length
- Weight
- Frequency of use
- How much do you intend to spend 

Clear quartz is the preferred material for healing wands used by most Pranic Healers. It is the most versatile material allowing you to project any color you want with it. 

Clarity / Inclusions
More clearer and pure Pranic Healing Crystal Wands is, more powerful it is. Over years it has become really difficult to find really good quality clear natural crystal rough and that is driving the price of the best healing crystals available. Most of the clear quartz crystal material used to make wands today will have some minor defects called inclusions in it. It is rare to find a quartz crystal wand that is perfectly clear. The clear ones are the most powerful and of course the most expensive. 

The less inclusions in the crystal wands you are using, the less time you require do your healing. Clearer high quality (less inclusion) wands require less cleaning, are safer to use, take less time to consecrate and hold consecration charge longer. 

We personally recommend to have atleast minor inclusion as it is a nature’s way of saying that the crystal wand is made from natural quartz. It also adds a level of confidence that the crystal wand you have bought is a natural crystal. Buy the cleanest wand you can afford. If it has inclusions make sure they are minor.

WARNING: There are Pranic Healers who think the crystal products currently using is made out of natural crystal, but it's not. Best case scenario it's made out of man made crystal (hydro), worst case it's made out of glass.

Its recommended to buy from source who deal in only Natural Crystal Products and have an established business.

Length of the Crystal Wand
The length of the Crystal wand is only important with regards to the comfort of the person holding it. However, you want to be sure to buy a wand that is long enough so that your palm or fingers don't accidentally cover round end when you are using it. 

Weight of the Crystal Wand
This is my personal recommendation based on my experience. Women prefer smaller wands and men prefer larger crystal wands.

Women – 60 to 130 grams
Men – 80 to 180 grams

I have had customers requesting wands which are larger than 250+ grams. Keep in mind after doing multiple healing for couple of hours, it will feel really heavy. If you think larger crystal wands will be comfortable for you then why not have them. 

Comparing Crystal Wands
When comparing crystal wands of equal clarity, the larger the diameter of the wand, the more Pranic energy will flow through it. Imagine this to be a pipe with a flowing water.

- A straight wand will project an even amount of energy 
- Tapered wand will increase the intensity of the Pranic energy as it travels down the wand. 
- Long tapered points intensify the pranic energy 
- Shorter point project softer energy. 

GOLD Crystal Wands      
  Crystal wands with GOLD that we sell are high quality quartz crystal wands that have GOLD inserted by drilling the round end of the wand and inserting a GOLD nail.  The gold rod intensifies the normal Pranic energy flowing through the wand and colors that energy gold. These are the most powerful Pranic Healing wands available and are worth the investment if you are doing a lot of heavy healing work like AID's or cancer. 

If you intend to do lot of Pranic healings and you can afford a gold laser, then by all means get one. Else get the biggest, cleanest wand that you can afford and that you are comfortable holding. 

GOLD is prohibited item to be shipped internationally via courier services. So if you intend to buy GOLD Crystal wand please contact us and we will find way to get it delivered to you.

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    hi are these crystals cut as a vogel crystal. the pranic ones thankyou adam

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