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Types and the Healing Crystals and their Properties

Types of Healing Crystals

Crystal Healing is a popular holistic healing therapy where selected crystals are strategically placed on the body of the person receiving the healing or around the place where the person resides or works. This unconventional healing practice works towards ridding the body of all negative energies and simultaneously restoring the body’s positive energies. Being excellent electromagnetic conductors, crystals seamlessly interrelate with our electromagnetic system for initiating and completing the healing process.    

How are crystals different from each other?

Crystals come is various shapes and sizes, and in different compositions and colours. Vibrational resonance is the hallmark of every crystal, and in this property every crystal is unique in its own way. Possessing a distinguishing geometry, crystals are defined by their mineral content and the colours which radiate from them. The unique healing properties of crystal are well known to crystal healers, who use them as per the requirement of the healing process.

What are the different types of healing crystals?


This healing crystal facilitates the development of awareness and intuition, while helping in generate a sense of calm during meditation.

Rose Quartz

Popularly called the ‘love stone’, this crystal helps in opening up the heart towards true friendship and love, and also ensures a sense of inner peace for the receiver.


When used properly in the healing process, this crystal possesses properties which significantly enhance memory and the power of concentration.


For enhancing the body’s natural strength and physical vigour, this healing crystal is quite popular with healers. Known to effectively recycle past-life experiences, Carnelian plays an important role in speeding up the law of karma.

Black Obsidian

Positioned as the spiritual protector of those receiving the healing, this crystal assists in resolving the deepest fears and helping the person to overcome them.

Smoky Quartz

This highly effective healing crystal plays an important role in grounding the light force in the physical body. Known as a fatigue remover, Smoky Quarts also contributes towards enhancing fertility.


By aligning the energy centres of the body, this crystal specialises in effectively releasing energy blockages from stagnant locations, while also playing a key role in reducing the anger of the person receiving the healing.


For persons who suffer from lack of confidence and strength, Agate is the perfect healing crystal. Also known as the ‘warrior stone’, this healing crystal improves the courage level of the person.


Popularly called the ‘stone of health’, this crystal performs the important task of stimulating the ‘kundalini’ (untapped energy hidden in the base of your spine). By lighting the ‘creative fire’ of the person receiving the healing, Garnet actually brings the creative powers to the fore.


When a person is looking towards raising his or her awareness and attaining a clear state of mind, Selenite plays an important part in powerfully stimulating the brain, which ensures that the awareness level expands significantly.


This crystal symbolises the sun and possesses the property of shielding the person from diverse forms of ‘negative’ energy. Healers also refer to it as the “defender” crystal.

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