Prana Crystals

Communicate With Your Body with Crystals

Throughout our lifetime, we keep on accumulating a lot of negative energies in our bodies through our thoughts and actions. Over a period of time, this negative energy gradually affects and interferes with our daily interaction, leading to frustration in personal and professional relationships. To counter these negative feelings, we must regularly communicate with our body for ‘cleansing’ our energy fields using the powerful properties of crystal healing.

How Crystal Healing Rings Help During Depression

When we are happy and fully of joy, we are filled with the “top of the world” feeling and the whole world seems to be a carnival of positive emotions. However, the slightest disturbance in our mental equilibrium sets off a spate of negative feelings and puts our lives on a different note. We are talking about a malaise that affects a large number of people: Depression - an illness that slowly destroys us from within. From a lively and bubbly person, the patient is transformed into a loner and gradually loses contact with the real world.

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