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Healing Power Of Crystals

Wearing crystals as an accessory

A popular way of using crystals for healing is to wear them as an accessory to complement your wardrobe. Wearing a crystal necklace or pendant and embedding a healing crystal in jewellery is another way of keeping the crystals close to your body so that the positive energies can flow directly into the body’s energy field. Some women also keep the healing crystal in their upper undergarments where it stays in permanent contact with their bodies, without the fear of the crystal being dropped or misplaced. Keeping crystals in their shirt or trouser pockets for receiving the beneficial vibes is quite popular with men.

Using crystals in the house

Quite often, a cluster of crystals is placed on the centre table in the living room for ensuring a positive energy flow. Placing a bunch of selected crystals in all corners of the living room is highly useful for harnessing the positive energy flow in the house. In your meditation area, crystals can occupy a place of their own for barring the flow of negative energies and help you meditate with ease. In the bedroom, crystals can be placed around the bed and also kept in the four corners of the room. The points of the crystals should be kept facing in accordance with the energy clearing mechanism of a particular crystal. Along with space clearing, you can also use them for protection.

Crystal healing through water

You can also harness the positive energies of crystal healing by placing crystals in a jug of water, which will charge the water. However, care should be taken not to do this with toxic crystals. Healers have a way of co-ordinating the healing process with toxic crystals as well. All quartz crystals can safely be used for positively charging water.

Crystal healing through massage

Crystal Massage is another form of crystal healing, where a number of particular crystals or stones are  devised for this healing process, are gently rubbed on a specific part of the body for producing positive energy. An expert healer knows exactly which crystal or stone has to be rubbed at what pressure and for how long, for achieving the desired positive energy flow.



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