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A Complete Guide on How Crystal Healing Works

Our neurological system lays the foundation of crystal healing

To understand how the healing power of crystals helps us to align our positive energies, we need to understand the fundamental principle of how our brain functions. Our neurological system is designed to transmit multiple messages simultaneously to our physical body through electrical impulses. While most messages are extremely positive and promote our well being, some are actually our insecurities in disguise, sent from our subconscious level.

How do crystals really integrate with our energy field?

By emitting continuous electrical impulses which are placed alongside the energy field of our body, crystals act as “circuit breakers” to the negative subliminal messages carried by the nervous system. This significantly affects the way we think and feel and enables us to focus on the positive messages, while allowing us to give lesser importance to the unproductive messages. By bringing the firm molecular structure of crystals into our energy field, which is seldom perfect and stable, our body’s vibration will stabilise by matching the vibration of the crystal. It is really about taking the weaker vibration of our body and bringing it to the level of the stronger vibration, which emanates from the crystal.

All crystals are unique in their healing properties

While some crystals will help you connect with and overcome your insecurities, others will magnify your ability to concentrate and improve relationships. Different crystals radiate different colours and possess unique minerals, which positions them as the perfect supplementary healing bodies for ensuring speedier remedy against diseases by disabling the negative energies. Just like all medicines have their specific role in treating the physical part of the ailment, crystals too are different in their abilities to heal the spiritual aspect of the ailment.

Benefits of crystal healing

From simple things like taking clearer and positive decisions to choosing the right foods for yourself, crystals are immensely useful in helping you achieve holistic and spiritual health, along with maintaining a productive physical balance. You will soon begin to see yourself moving away from thoughts, words and actions that are not beneficial for you.  Making choices in life that will energise you and push you towards a happier and healthier personal and professional life will become a habit with you. Your deep insecurities and unfounded fears will be replaced by positive thinking and clearly beneficial actions. However it should be noted that crystal healing always acts as a supplement and not as a replacement for medical healing. Only after assessing the complete lifestyle and illness history, will a professional crystal healer proceed to assimilate the correct types of crystals to be used in the healing therapy. 

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