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Communicate With Your Body with Crystals

Communicate With Your Body with Crystals

Throughout our lifetime, we keep on accumulating a lot of negative energies in our bodies through our thoughts and actions. Over a period of time, this negative energy gradually affects and interferes with our daily interaction, leading to frustration in personal and professional relationships. To counter these negative feelings, we must regularly communicate with our body for ‘cleansing’ our energy fields using the powerful properties of crystal healing.

How can we communicate with our body using crystals?

Crystals are unique in their formation as they are formed due to the compounding of four elements, namely earth, wind, fire and water. Their most important function is to help us activate our spiritual energy reserves for awakening the centers of our physical body, which in turn refines and cleanses our thoughts, words and actions. You can harness their live energy to correlate to your energy for maximum healing, by holding them close to your heart.

“Talk” to your crystal

As crystals are alive and have their own individual consciousness, you should actually talk to your personal crystal which you have chosen to cleanse the negative energies around you, and open up the channels for harnessing the positive energy of your body. Like if you use an amethyst crystal correctly, it will actually awaken your “third eye” and help boost your intuition.

“How do I connect with my crystal’s consciousness?”

As you know, every action is preceded by an intention. You should initiate the intention in your mind that you want to begin communicating with your crystal and should express your willingness to receive any energies or insights that it wants to share with you. After you have clearly expressed your intention, you should then hold your chosen healing crystal and hold it close to your heart.

Intricate observation is the key to monitoring the healing process

Once you have made physical contact with the crystal, it is extremely important to observe and take note of any noticeable movement or change happening in your body or mind. Pay critical attention to changes in your thoughts and moods, as it will act as a barometer as to which way the crystal wants to heal you.

Crystals speak in many ways – learn to recognize their communication

Crystals are gifted with the power of speaking in a variety of different ways, so it is imperative that you give minute attention to any tingling sensation in any part of your body. This might be an indication from the crystal that it wants to be placed on a particular area of your body, so that it can heal the problem you are facing in that area.

Your crystal will even “talk” to you

Don’t be surprised if you start feeling “words” around you, guiding you to do certain things, like putting the crystal in a particular area of your bedroom or living room. When you see different colours in your vision, it is probably your crystal telling you how it can awaken your chakra in a particular area of your body.

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