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Can Crystal Healing cure Cancer?

Can crystals be used as a replacement of medical treatment for cancer?

While it is true that the healing power of crystals can produce significant results in the overall medical condition of a patient, it is by no means a replacement for the regular medication. Crystals can only complement the medical treatment and combat the negative energies of the disease by releasing an aura of positive vibes. Therefore it should be considered only as a complementary technique which goes along with the prescribed medication and heals in its own special way.

What types of crystals are beneficial in metaphysically helping cancer treatment?

By the time a person is diagnosed with cancer, their energy bodies have already been affected, with the aura being inter-spread with “holes” which allow the negative energies of the disease to flow freely.  For patients suffering from Cancer, Crystal healers recommend a couple of crystals for tapping into their healing properties. The foremost among these crystals is Amethyst, which works effectively on a spiritual level and helps clean up the negative elements which accumulate after the disease strikes.

Are there any crystals which help in ‘physical cleansing’?

Along with the metaphysical cleaning of the spiritual aura, healers also recommend the Amber crystal for physically rubbing it on the affected person’s body. This helps remove any energy blockage which is preventing the flow of positive vibrations and contributing to the illness. Amber actively absorbs pain and converts it to promoting healing energy. It also contributes towards developing a positive attitude in the affected person and creating an aura which will actively promote the healing process. Another crystal extremely popular with healers is Carnelian, which plays an important role in boosting the energy flow of the immune system, making it an effective stone for complementing the cancer healing process.

Crystals help in recovery during chemotherapy and after operation

Persons affected with cancer who are undergoing chemotherapy will find it beneficial when they use the positive energies of crystals like Red Jasper, Quartz and Carnelian, preferably woven into a necklace and worn all the time.  This pulls in the much needed positive energy from the earth and helps in the recovery process by acting as an auxiliary support system.

For each type of cancer there are specific healing crystals  

The crystals mentioned above are all generic for promoting the flow of positive energy and blocking negative elements. For specific types of cancer, some crystals have proven to be more beneficial than others. For instance, crystals that correlate to the energies of the affected body part are also used. For complimentary healing of breast cancer, crystal healers use pink coloured crystals which relate to the heart.  


  • CLEEF September 28, 2022

    I have big doubts about these crystal claims but I, also, have great desperation: prostate cancer / rib cancer _ spinal stenosis, phimosis stressor... what crystals are proven effective?

  • Emma Speckham June 28, 2022

    Please could you recommend a specific crystal for rectal cancer that has spread to the liver and lymph nodes. Also crystals to help cope with chemo, radiotherapy and surgery.Thank you.I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Cim April 23, 2022

    My mom has rectal cancer what healing stone would help her with it

  • Chris November 1, 2020

    Are there Crystals which can benefit Bowel Cancer?

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