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Alternate Healing Techniques With Crystals

How does the crystal healing method really work?

Crystal healers actually let us participate in the healing process, as they underline the fact that we have participated in the “getting unwell” process! Crystals posses unique properties which work in tandem with the self healing properties of our body. When the crystal comes in contact with the pores on your body, it releases the minerals within itself, which are then absorbed by the body for initiating the healing process. This is exactly like what happens when you apply an ointment for healing the pain in a particular area of your body. The minerals in the ointment permeate the pores and enter the body for providing relief. Only after the healer has grasped the root cause of the physical ailment, he or she begins identifying the right crystal which is to be used for the healing process and absorbing the negative energy.

Using crystals in Reiki therapy

You will be surprised to know that crystals are also used in other alternative healing techniques like Reiki. Reiki healers can actually amplify their healing energy and use it in the right direction, by using the right combination of crystals in the healing process. Reiki healing involves using the hands to administer the energies of the healer. When a crystal is used in this process

Pranic Healing with crystals

Crystals perform an extremely important task in pranic healing by following instructions to absorb, conduct and project pranic energy, as they are living beings and possess a consciousness of their own. Pranic healing experts certify the fact the when they use crystals in their healing process, the person receiving the healing responds faster and the healing sessions are much more productive.

Spiritual Crystal Acupuncture healing

For persons affected with negative behavioural patterns, which makes their personal and professional interaction functionally challenging, spiritual crystal acupuncture is an extremely popular holistic healing mechanism developed by combining the power of acupuncture and the effectiveness of crystals in repelling negative energies.

Combining Aroma Therapy with crystals

Crystals are also combined with Aroma Therapy to increase the overall efficacy of the treatment. During the manufacturing process of the oil, crystal beads are placed in the bottle, which enhances the benefits of the essential oil by emitting vibrational energy.

Crystal Acupressure

Along with regular crystal healing therapy, acupressure is also combined to maximize the healing response to the person receiving the healing. Specialized acupressure mats enable the patient to attach the chosen crystals to the four sides of the mat and then lie down on the raised pressure points attached to the mat, which activate the acupressure points on your body. This helps relieve the accumulated stress, with the healing crystal energy re-aligning your body’s natural energy.

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