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Bloodstone is also called “Heliotrope” in Greek, which means “sun turning”, Bloodstone is a mixture of Quartz and Moganite and a variety of Chalcedony, which is a form of Cryptocrystalline quartz. This gemstone is dark green in colour with red spots of iron oxide spread across, hence the name ‘Bloodstone’. The significant masses of chlorite in this gem give it a green color. Basically, two types of bloodstones exist: Heliotrope and Plasma. Heliotrope is fairly translucent in colour and has red patches spread across. Plasma gives of a deep green colour, is totally opaque and has nil or negligible amount of red colour. Found in an assortment of shapes and sizes, bloodstones of high quality should ideally have a solid green colour with prominently visible red spots.


Rare Blood Stone Sphere

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Rare piece size 100 mm, weight 1160 grams



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Large Bloodstone sphere

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Large bloodstone sphere/ball, Weight 1247 grams


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Bloodstone has powerful healing properties. It is an excellent cleanser and blood purifier. It works wonders for anaemics and also helps in fighting blood cancers. It also gives positive energy and boosts self confidence and helps dealing with complex situations. It revitalizes oneself.

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